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I decided to log in to Japan Q&A today after (too) many months. It’s been so long that I couldn’t even remember some of my posts. So, as you can imagine, I was surprised to see all the inspiring comments readers have posted in my absence. I was truly touched, thank you.

For almost one year – probably one of the most difficult years of my life – I wrote blogs about Japan, my life here, my experiences, and my insights. I posted mostly for myself, to give myself a positive outlet for feelings I was not ready to deal with. When I grew healthy in mind and body, I left my blog behind, a beautiful reminder of how I was able to move on.

But, I have yet to share the most meaningful experiences I’ve had here in Japan, and the most interesting observations I’ve made. Something I had not realized up until this moment was that, by keeping this blog I was able to piece together memoirs of a Japan that I see only through my eyes and that exists only in my mind.

Someday I’d like to write a book, maybe a tale. A coming of age story of a girl who slowly discovers Japan, compares the culture to her own, but instead of contrasting the two, she learns to love both. Let me write about my experiences once again, to piece together the plot for this story. I no longer need a creative outlet for unspent energy, but I do need to remember the unending joy, the loneliness, and even the fear that I have experienced while living in Japan.


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勝った! I won!

Some time last month, I joined a contest that Evan Pike from Japan Photo Guide was sponsoring. The contest rules stipulated that for adding Japan Photo Guide, Japan Daily Photo, Blogs on Japan, or Photography of Evan Pike to your blogroll, you get raffle tickets. I’d already had Japan Photo Guide in my blogroll but I added Japan Daily Photo, giving me two tickets.

Just yesterday, I found out that I won! I wasn’t really expecting to win since I do visit both sites quite a lot, as I think Evan’s photos are amazing. I had found out about his photo blogs from Japan Probe where he contributes photo posts, the Japan Photo of the Week. Before writing this post, I received an email from both Paypal and Evan that $50 was credited to my account! Thank you, Evan!

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I have a mixi account. I don’t have a lot of contacts but I blog there nearly everyday, about random stuff mostly but I use it mainly to practice my Japanese writing. I use a nickname and I use an avatar for a picture. Nothing personal is ever published, I get feedback from my Japanese friends and it’s been really pleasant.

Just today, I came across this article on Asian Offbeat about Japanese bloggers. It reminded me of a conversation I had with a Japanese friend. I was asking her how often she blogged on her mixi and if she read others people’s blogs. While she claimed to be really into her blogging, even checking her page several times a day on her phone, she hardly ever read stranger’s blogs. She said she kept to her network of friends, often commenting on their posts. It was a total breach of privacy to be reading a strangers blog, she told me. I wondered at that time if she meant just her, or Japanese people in general.

Update: There is also an article in the Japan Times about Japan being the number one blogger.

See Mobile phone-based blogging statistics from What Japan Thinks
Photo via: Asian Offbeat (Qullevek, +Oden+)

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