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On March 3rd, most families with daughters will be celebrating Hina Matsuri, which is also known as Momo-no-sekku or Girls’ Day in English. Hina Matsuri is my favorite Japanese holiday, or maybe Tanabata is, but I like them both a lot. Hina Matsuri is unlike many foreign holidays. Families celebrate the day by putting Hina Dolls on display. (Learn more about the dolls and their arrangement here. You can also learn how to fold an origami Hina empress and emperor.)

And really cute and sweet-tasting food is served. Most Girls’ Day fare are pink and pastel colored, and food presentation is especially important. Each of the food served has some kind of special meaning. Like for example, the Hamaguri Soup. It has a clam in it, and after you drink the soup, you need to fold up the clam to ensure a good marriage in the future.

As an honorary daughter of most of my Japanese friends, I always take part in the festivities. I always have Sakura Mochi and I always get these really cool Girls’ Day presents. I really enjoy this festival because everything is pink, lots of beautiful things are on display and I get to celebrate femininity with the rest of the Japanese female population. Incidentally, many Japanese girls complain that Children’s Day, which is the celebration for boys, is a holiday while Girls’ Day is not. They make a valid argument but then, there aren’t a lot of good food and pretty things on May 5th, so I don’t mind.


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